Slime – a creative dough

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Today’s big craze is Slime, which has spread very quickly around the globe via the internet.

There are lots of videos on the web that show its special features, such as its special bounce. This hypnotic squelching is very similar to the sound of the bubble wrap, which has been proven to reduce stress. There is a large number of trendy DIY videos to show that we can create this unusual sticky thing from simple base materials.

Fidget spinners, which also had this calming effect, were the previous craze and were much loved by kids, but not so much by their parents or teachers. They were replaced by our special dough, which is not so loud, but can equally keep children busy and are considered trendy. Making such slime at home will even bring the family together to create their most unique and special dough formations. It stimulates creativity and helps young people understand abstract things.

The history of the dough goes back to 1976 when the first gel-like slime was launched. These were made from guar gum and were available in small “dustbins”. Then versions of different shapes appeared, such as balls resembling the human eye, or elastic insects evoking memories of former biology classes. This could not be limited by fantasy either, since plastic figures were made with neon-coloured slime coming out of its mouth. It also featured in Kenner’s True Ghostbusters toy line and in Teenage mutant ninja hero turtles as a mutant sludge. This material also appeared on screen as a shooting prop, just think of the horror classic Troll, in which almost everything was covered with some green sauce.

In America, the various types of slime are in their heyday, as they have become indispensable instruments of many children’s shows. For fans, one of the top events is Kids’ Choice Awards, where slime is in absolute focus. There, kids reward their favourite actors and artists in various categories, and then this liquid putty is spilled over them in different ways.

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