Marketing Possibilities with Latex Printer

Pátria Nyomda
A Visit to Pátria Printing House

Today, most companies pay close attention to their presence and the quality of their marketing materials, as the quality of the advertising media used by a company to advertise its activities tells a lot. Despite the penetration of digital devices and opportunities, the importance of printed materials is increasing. We at Pátria put great emphasis on high-quality market presence. Our great advantage is that we produce the necessary tools in-house. For example, the spring-themed shop window and floor stickers displayed in Pátria Papír shops were produced using the top model of HP’s third generation printer, HP Latex 360.

In addition to the usual primary colours (CMYK, i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow, black), this printer uses 6 colour inks including LM (Light Magenta) and LC (Light Cyan). These are used if magenta or cyan are less than 50% in the graphics to be printed. With this solution we can produce exactly the same shade that we imagined. In addition to the above 6 ink cartridges, the latex printer includes a seventh one, which contains the optimizer, and ensures that the ink is exactly placed at the right spot. We can print on a variety of materials. For example, with textiles its role is inevitable: this prevents the material from absorbing the ink, and the ink from spreading and smudging.

Prints produced on wide-format latex printers are extremely durable, waterproof, abrasion and scratch-resistant and due to their enhanced scratch resistance for many years, lamination can be omitted in many cases. The flexible ink stretches with the base material and will not crack, or snap off the print media.

Besides its amazing quality, we use a wide-format printer because printing jobs are produced in an extremely short time. Therefore, it is particularly suited for “last minute” production, and there is no need to wait for drying. The finished product can be used, packed, and applied immediately. What is more, the colours are perfect and colour constancy is guaranteed.

It is important that only good temperature-tolerant materials can be used with this printer, as the ink is dried between 85 and 116 degrees. Nowadays, there are plenty of print media with such properties, including foil, paper, tarpaulin, textiles, wallpaper, banners, building nets.

Using the HP Latex 360 printer, we can create premium quality tools. Producing banners, posters, billboards, signboards, wallpapers, inscriptions, vehicle and shop window graphics, painting reproductions, canvas pictures, in-store advertising tool graphics, roll ups, sandwich boards, building nets, flags, etc. is no problem. The finished prints are odourless, free from solvents and harmful compounds, making it suitable for producing custom wallpapers for children’s rooms.

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In our video     posted on our Facebook page, you can see how our HP Latex 360 printer works in practice.