A Visit to Pátria Printing House

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Pátria Nyomda

We were delighted to welcome the graduate pupils of Gádor Primary School from the 22nd district in Pátria Printing House.

Our senior plate maker, Zsuzsanna Jasik guided the schoolchildren round our printing house. During the tour, the 8th graders had an opportunity to see, among others, flexographic, latex, and offset printers, and learn about our state-of-the-art surface finishing technique, 3D UV varnish. During the visit, they could gain insights into the full spectrum of printing processes, from plate-making through printing to binding. Pátria Printing House is proud of keeping up with innovative developments and having the tools and machines to meet the most varied customer needs.

Despite the penetration of digitization, we must not forget that the use of printing technology is indispensable in everyday life and is in fact gaining more importance. Just consider that printing is needed everywhere from invoices through billboards to labels of bathroom accessories.  We could hardly enumerate products that are not related to printing in some way, so it is safe to say that new perspectives are opening up to the printing industry.

As for all professions, it is also important for this industry to educate the new generation so that printing jobs could be done in the coming years by specialists with the right skills and who keep pace with technological challenges.

On the career day, besides transferring the theoretical knowledge of our printing house, our outspoken aim was to show the beauty of the printing industry and thus to outline potential career paths. Students choosing a career were able to find out about the opportunities for further education and what kind of qualification people need to get a job in a printing house. Pressmen, book binders, and DTP operators graduating from Szily Kálmán Technical Secondary Grammar School have a secure future in the printing industry but also the light industry engineers graduating from Óbuda University are welcome with open arms. On the basis of the dual training agreement entered into between Pátria Nyomda and Sándor Rejtő Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Protection Engineering, we employ several trainees in the hope that they will work for us making good use of the knowledge they acquired here.

If you are interested in printing processes and would like to visit Pátria Nyomda with your class, contact us at marketing@patria.hu.