3D varnishing in Pátria Printing House

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3D UV lakkozás

Using 3D UV varnishing technology, you can create premium quality products that can capture your attention, making it the perfect choice for producing business cards, calendars, photo books, or book covers. The varnished layer can also be covered with foil. Currently, it is available in Pátria Printing House in silver, glossy and matte gold, dark blue and red, but we can meet special needs as well.

The 3D UV varnishing machine creates perceptible embossing by applying a varnish layer on the substrate. The machine puts varnish on certain pre-defined points on the paper, thereby enhancing the visual sensation. Technology is used to highlight the texture of excellent materials, such as reptile skin, but also to highlight dots, lines, and other fragments such as water shimmering on the glass. It is also suitable for boosting the effect of marketing materials and company image elements.

The paper size must be at least 21×30 cm but not more than 36.5×102 cm. For example, if you want to pep up your business cards with 3D UV varnish, bear in mind that you can apply the varnish layer to a paper between 135 and 450 grams. It is important that the paper we choose is firm. If the substratum is too thin, it will absorb the varnish but if it is too thick, the end result will not look nice. For a smooth spread of the UV varnish, it is important that the paper surface is treated.

The printing machine has a special scanner that recognizes the predefined points on which varnish needs to be applied. After UV coating, the print passes through two dryers. The first one performs low performance superficial drying. It forms a membrane on the top layer of the varnish, thus preventing it from spreading on the paper. After the second drying, the UV varnish reaches its final strength. After the polymerization, the print needs to be rested for a minimum of 24 hours and then it can be packed and transported.

It is best to avoid using a combination of varnished and unvarnished white graphics, as the slightly yellowish colour of the varnish differs from the white paper. In addition, this technique is not suitable for varnishing an entire A3 surface. Should you wish that the entire surface be glossy, we recommend laminating or foiling.

If you are interested in 3D varnishing, contact our sales representatives.