Marketing Possibilities with Latex Printer

Today, most companies pay close attention to their presence and the quality of their marketing materials, as the quality of the advertising media used by a […]
Pátria Nyomda

A Visit to Pátria Printing House

We were delighted to welcome the graduate pupils of Gádor Primary School from the 22nd district in Pátria Printing House. Our senior plate maker, Zsuzsanna Jasik […]

Slime – a creative dough

Today’s big craze is Slime, which has spread very quickly around the globe via the internet. There are lots of videos on the web that show […]
3D UV lakkozás

3D varnishing in Pátria Printing House

Using 3D UV varnishing technology, you can create premium quality products that can capture your attention, making it the perfect choice for producing business cards, calendars, […]