Green Printing House of the Year for the Fourth Time

Special Stamp Produced by Pátria Has Success Again
Pátria Nyomda Won Magyar Brands Award

On 17 October, 2017, the GPwA, the Green Printworld Award, established in Hungary in 2010, was presented in Kör Restaurant in the Grafisoft Park, Budapest at the “green” mini-conference held on the Environment-conscious Day organised jointly by Mérnök és Nyomdász Kft. and the Paper and Printing Technology Association.

The GPwA Award attests to the fact that, in accordance with strict criteria, a paper, printing or packaging material company is characterised by exemplary environmentally conscious thinking, outstanding technological and environment-focused management activities in terms of environmental protection and awareness-building, and exemplary results in terms of developing environmental consciousness within the industry.

In 2017, 22 organizations (18 printers, 2 packaging material manufacturers and 2 paper sellers) submitted entries for the GPwA competition organised for the seventh time. The prize was awarded on the basis of application materials and on-the-spot audits.

In 2014 and 2015, we reached four-star, and after 2016 this year, we again reached the highest, five-star rating in the competition. József Tóth, Director of Investment and Technology, took over the recognition. In addition, and we also won the Konica Minolta Special Prize.