Pátria Nyomda Won Magyar Brands Award

Green Printing House of the Year for the Fourth Time
Pigna Vintage – a Novelty from Pátria

In 2017 Pátria Nyomda won a row of prizes. Most recently, the 8-year-old Magyar Brands committee has chosen us into the best business brands. An important criterion in the evaluation was to what extent the experts, the clients and the customers consider a given brand to be Hungarian, how much it is related to their lives, and what its reputation and branding practice is like. They examined how long a brand has been present on the Hungarian market and whether it is well-known and recognized beyond Hungary’s borders, and reviewed the company’s management and branding practices in the past three years.

It is a huge honour for us that this year we have again been included among the top business brands in Hungary. The Magyar Brands and other prestigious awards won this year – Best Print, Business Superbrands, Green Print House of the Year – recognize our efforts and confirm that we are on the right track.