New high-tech printer in our digital printing plant

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In the middle of May, we put into operation a top model of HP’s third generation printers, the HP Latex 360. With this latest investment, our product range is also significantly extended in addition to our production capacity and we can offer our customers a number of extra services.

The latex wide-format printer is suitable among other things for the production of banners, posters, billboards, signboards, wallpapers, inscriptions, vehicle and shop window graphics, painting reproductions, canvas pictures, in-store advertising tool graphics, roll ups, sandwich boards, building nets, flags, etc.

Almost any kind of base material can be printed on in the future, including in addition to the unique and premium categories, the cheapest, uncoated and various synthetic or polypropylene materials as well, on vinyl, textile, wallpaper, tarpaulin, untreated paper – even in duplex printing with print on both sides.

Further advantages of the latex technology:

  • due to short production time, it is particularly suitable for “last minute” production
  • there is no need to wait for the work to dry, the product can be used, applied, and packaged immediately
  • the print is extremely durable, water proof, abrasion and scratch-resistant, and there is no need for lamination
  • the flexible ink will not crack, or snap off the print media
  • the print is odour-free, and free of solvents or harmful substances
  • colour constancy and the perfect quality of the colours is guaranteed
  • even 3 pt letters can be legibly displayed;
  • the prints can be produced even in 1625 mm print width, 1200 dpi resolution, with 6 colour ink model (C/M/Y/K/LM/LC);