New PD Notebooks in our Product Range

Pátria Papír’s network of specialist shops has been expanded with a new shop
Pátria is Exclusive Distributor of Pigna Notebooks

Private label design notebooks for all age groups

We have added new innovative PD notebooks to our product range.

The latest innovation of our product development team is PD notebooks with colourable cover This notebook encourages creation, colouring distracts and relaxes, it provides a channel for creativity and self-expression and improves concentration and develops motor skills.

We have rethought the story exercise book which was previously available only to first-graders. Now the special PD exercise book to develop creativity is available to all schoolchildren as part of the ‘I can write and draw’ series for 1-4 graders . In this exercise book, plain and lined pages alternate one after the other. We recommend it to first graders learning to write to practice shapes, letter elements, letters and words and to 2-4 graders to practice writing sentences and compositions, for dictation, or for drawing and illustrating tales.

From now on, you can see the strawberry motives of the Strawberry Project Budapest team on Pátria’s lined, plain and vocabulary notebooks as well.  These notebooks are available stitched or spiral bound.

We have designed separate collections for boys and girls under the trading names ‘Extreme sports’ and ‘Fashion’.

The new notebook collections are available in Pátria Papír’s network of specialist shops , and in the online shops .