Flexographic Printing Available at Pátria Printing House

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Pátria Printing House has put into operation its currently most cutting edge Mark Andy flexographic printer with 8 printing units.

From now on, our flexographic business offers new services to our partners.

On our Mark Andy Performance Series P5 narrow track flexographic printer there is a wide range of options from the production of packaging materials to the production of labels. In our flexographic unit, we can produce tickets, sandwich labels, security labels, cash register rolls, adhesive tapes, sleeves, and flexible packaging.

The possibilities are extensive even in terms of media. We can print not only on paper, but on metal foil, aluminium, BOPP film, but the list of eligible substrates includes self-adhesive materials, combined packing materials or metallised plastic film as well.

From among the special surface finishing processes, our flexographic unit offers folding, scoring, die cutting, surface lamination, or even hot and cold foiling, UV varnish, or relief varnish.

The website of the new business line is now also accessible as a sub-page of patria.hu.

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